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Spring Matsuri 2018: What you need to know

Hi all,

Final countdown is now on for the TWO ROOKS COLA Spring Drift Matsuri 2018 happening this weekend @ Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park.

Please give this a thorough read and if you have any questions, please message the NZ Drift Matsuri facebook page.

Friday arrivals

For those of you arriving in town Friday, we will be available at the track between 3:00pm and 7:30pm to sign in, setup camp, drop cars off and get a quick scrutineering check done.

If you are due to arrive at 9:00pm then we're sorry but we cannot help you there due to crew de-briefs and other things.

Driver Registration/Indemnities/Briefing

We are aiming to have the gates open between 6:30am to 7:00am Saturday morning, please be here on time and ready to sign in at documentation.

Drivers briefing will be at 8:30am in the corporate suite upstairs, passengers can sign in AFTER this.


Have your crew unload your car for you while you are signing in and have them line up ready for scrutineering at either the "pavillion" or pit garage 15/16, a person must be present with your car at all times when in line.

Track 3 drivers - please sign in at registration and go to briefing, have your crew unload car and then take your tow vehicles/trailers over to Track 3 side ready to go. Track 3 should be live from shortly after 9:30am pending how fast we can get through you all.

Track times

We are able to be on track by 9:00am (30-45 minutes earlier) this will all depend on everyones co-operation and being here on time. No briefing, no driving until atleast 11:00am when we can run you through again.

Saturday we are able to run until 4:00 > 4:30pm on Track 3 and up until 6:00pm pending weather on Track 2

Sunday we are able to run until 4:00 > 4:30pm on Track 3 and up until around 4:30pm on Track 2 due to a recent hire the following day. If we can push this out until 5:00pm we will but no promises as we have around 5 hours to pack up and clear the track before the hire starting at 7:00am the following morning.

Driver lunches

This is a little different to previous years, we have arranged an agreement with the foodcarts so that you will be able to purchase from the food trucks for 25 - 50% off the listed menu cost. This allows you to go and get what you want, when you want it with no restrictions as there has been in previous years. You will simply need to show your drivers band.


For those camping, access will be available from around 3:00pm Friday afternoon until 7:30pm. Drivers can get your camping and crew passes from here, with a max of 3 tickets per driver (1x driver, 2x crew) http://bit.ly/matsuridriveronly

Please keep all your valuables in your vehicle during the day/when you aren't around.

The on-site party will be going until roughly 1:00am with a bus going into town, it is R18 so please keep that in mind.

Be a tidy kiwi and use the bins provided :)

We got stitched up on the shower front and were only left with a one bay shower instead of the four we were expecting. There are however showers available under the corporate suites otherwise head into early afternoon to the AC Baths down the road or there are showers at the "Superloo" in town.


We will have a licensed bar on top of the pit garages for the general public or your crew to purchase a drink between 11:00am and 6:00pm.

The only way you are able to take alcohol in with you is if you have a camp site pass. Camping is BYO alcohol this year (no glass bottles) and must strictly stay within the camp zone confines.

Grass damages

This will most likely be the last time we add a bond to the entries before we incorporate it into the entry fee for advanced drivers due to rising costs on our end and confusion from drivers on refunds etc

ALL bonds are divided up across the total damages cost (grass, edge damage, rubber removal off the grid lines and sucking rubber powder off the circuit) this normally equals around $35 for grass and another $10 for the rubber removal for the advanced guys. Grass bonds for Spring Matsuri are $30 and helps to subsidize it.


Please see below, if you have paid for a shed on the website and are not on here get in contact ASAP.

SP18 Garage List


Saturday Advanced is always congested for the first hour or two of the day before everyone gets into a rhythm with changing over tyres, to aid with this we will be running quick fire groups with around 10-12 minute long sessions to get everyone out there for early morning testing.

15-20 people per group (normally 25)

Sunday is always abit quieter in the mornings, briefing will be at the same time.



Please ensure you check all oil fittings, relocation bosses and oil coolers before going out onto the track (each session)

If you lose oil pressure you must immediately drive off the track on the grass or gravel to avoid spreading the oil across the track as this holds up the track for atleast 30 minutes.

You will be fined a minimum of $100 if you continue to drive around on the circuit as it does nothing but hold up the day for everyone.


We will have the option for you to go into a separate tandem or solo run lane. Please let our crew know how many cars you want to go out with you. In the morning this will be a max of four up to six in the afternoon.


This is now third party for us but there are some people coming along with machines who will do tyre changing for $10 a tyre (or deals for multiple) we are extremely stringent on ensuring you take your tyres with you once they are changed. If we discover you have left your tyres there, they are charged (to us) at $35+ per tyre which will be passed directly onto you with an event ban until it is paid.


Car requirements: Minimum of a roll cage, bucket seats and harnesses. Bolt in roll-cages okay aslong as they have the appropriate sandwich mounting plates.

Driver/Passenger requirements: Minimum of long sleeves, full length pants, covered shoes and a motorsport approved helmet (open face ok) for the moment no HANS device is required.

Passenger Bands

These will be available from Pit Bay 15 for $5ea > indemnity forms must be signed.


You must sign all relevant indemnities and abide by the appropriate areas. Failure to do so will remove your right to access the circuit area. No drone footage without prior arrangement from ourselves, all flight times need to be logged with aviation nz before the event and sent in to us.


It would be super awesome if you guys could download the MOTOHUB app and upload videos via spectator livestream, whether its in car (phones strapped to hands remember..) or simply in the pits. It gives us a whole new perspective of what its like to attend the event as we're always too damn busy to soak it all in.
You can find our event by searching Drift Matsuri.